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Graduation Requirements for Seton Hall University Students

In the 2010 catalog, graduation requirements mandate that students now need to complete 10 proficiency courses before they graduate.
The requirement is part of the university core and applies to every undergraduate student in the University. Proficiencies Co-Chair of the Core Curriculum Dr. Mary Balkun said she has been involved with core for about 11 years.

“Most students will fulfill the proficiency with classes for their major,” Balkun said.
More than 150 courses have been approved and many are multiple Signature sections.
The University runs workshops with professors to have courses approved in their departments.
These proficiencies are only in effect for freshmen who entered in fall 2010 and 2011, according to Balkun. Other students who entered in 2009 do not have to worry about these requirements.
Balkun said rising seniors can find the information on their new Banner tool on the BlackBoard audit function where they can track the core classes they have taken. Before registration, Balkun advises students to review which proficiency requirement classes they have taken and the classes left to take.
Proficiency areas include;
-oral communication
-information fluency
-critical thinking.
Junior public relations major Matt Fantau said these new requirements came as a shock to him.
“I find out about this after registration and it’s another thing to think about coming into finals,” Fantau said.
Students missing proficiency classes who were unaware of the requirement can work with the Core Curriculum department, according to Balkun.
“We will work with students who are not able to meet proficiency requirements in a case-by-case basis,” Balkun said.
University Core Director Dr. Anthony Sciglitano has been working with students with core questions.

Transfer students have a different set of requirements depending on their credits. Transfer students with 29 or fewer credits have to take the full 10 required classes, 30 through 60 credits have to take five and over 60 credits take three courses, according to Balkun. It is made easier for transfer students so they can graduate on time and can prioritize on earning credits for their major. The school has been working with students to satisfy their personal needs due to the lack of knowledge of these proficiency requirements. Most students are unaware of the mandatory classes because they have not been informed properly. Other students know the classes they have to take and find the requirements to be an added bonus.
Junior public relations major Phillip Burrows said he was unaware of the proficiencies.
“I really think Seton Hall has not only done a terrible job getting the students’ opinion on these changes, but communicating these changes to the students as well,” Burrows said. “I am going to check with my adviser and the Registrar’s Office to make sure my transcript is all right and that there aren’t any more surprises.”
Students should go to their academic advisor to see what prerequisites they have taken and what classes they have left to take in order to insure an easy graduation.
Natalie Negrotti can be reached at natalie.

I got the article published in The Setonian for students to learn about the proficiency requirements.


I did not create a Twitter account to create problems with the school or for any conflict of interest. I also did not want to tag Mary Balkun or Anthony Sciglitano and have hundreds of students “bothering” them.

Name: Seton Hall things to know
I would use this Twitter account to inform students on what they need to know about the proficiency requirements. I would also use them to
1. Students entering @shupirate after 2010 need to fulfill proficiency requirements.
2. Do not hesitate, go to your academic advisor for more information.
3. Transfer students have to take less proficiencies.
4. Go to @MaryBalkun and @AnthonySciglitano with any questions.
5. Track your core classes on the new Banner tool on the BlackBoard audit function.

I would also add other facts that Seton Hall students needed to know about getting through their college years. I would friend request the school’s Twitter accounts and begin friend requesting students as well. Then it would spread to other students

The Power of Social Media

Social media is shaping and has shaped our society and the world of journalism. Although rumors do spread on social media and can be compared to “wild fires,” there are so many positive aspects of social media. In, Best Practices for Social Media Verification, positive aspects of social media are explored.
“I believe we are starting to see the emergence of best practices for verifying social media content and citizen reports. Recent weeks and months have seen leading practitioners of social media verification and crowd-sourced verification share tips and thoughts to help move the discipline forward.” Stated by Craig Silverman. Journalists can now crowd-source and get information and sources from people within minutes. Things that used to be nearly impossible or time consuming are now at journalist’s fingertips.
A journalist can go on Twitter and Tweet something about an accident and can get information and lead sources from just one Tweet. Information now comes to journalists, and journalists don’t have to go take extra lengths of investigation as much as they used to.
With everything in life, there are positives and negatives. Social media needs to be taken seriously and in a responsible manner in order to succeed in your work field and as a professional. Silverman also says people need to be independent from verification, beware of non-journalists using news terms and test and learn about your network. People need to be objective readers and news consumers through social media to get the right facts, not the dramatic rumors and false reports.
There are also great social media applications that help the world of journalism like Foursquare. In 7 Ways Journalists Can Use Foursquare, by Shane Snow, social media applications are explained for the advancement of the profession. Snow says, “Tech-savvy journalists usually go where the crowds are, and were quick to jump on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. As Foursquare climbs toward critical mass, with over one million users, 40 million checkins, and counting, it’s also becoming a hot new tool for the digital journalist.” Foursquare helps journalist’s see what sources they can use, where their sources go, personal information and habits of their sources and can also get story leads. News organizations can also push notifications to people’s phones and can connect with their publics in an easier and more convenient manner that isn’t intrusive.

2013 Venezuelan Election Controversy

The 2013 Venezuelan Elections faced major controversy. After the death of Dictator Hugo Chavez on March 5, 2013 a re-election was put into place. Hugo Chavez turned Venezuela from a Democratic country to a dictatorship, so these elections were very important in shaping the future of Venezuela.

Candidates Henrique Capriles Radonski and Nicolas Maduro faced off and Maduro won the election. Chavez supporters also known as, “Chavistas” were in support of Maduro’s victory, but those in favor of change and a democratic state sought out for the truth. Since Maduro is a supporter of Chavez, and there was skepticism that previous Chavez elections were rigged, people doubted the results. A search was conducted and ballots in favor of Capriles were found untouched and uncounted. Capriles demanded for an audited recount of the votes, and because he was the face in favor of change and freedom of the future of Venezuela, it had to be done.


These are all of the cities important in my life. I was born in Boston, grew up in Caracas, went to the Angel Falls, and want to go to Rome, Italy in my future.

The Inside World of Social Media

I participated in a social media chat that gave a lot of information on different aspects of social media. This Twitter chat had numerous people from different backgrounds and professions giving insights on social media that were very helpful. Pam Lawhorne

hrLawhorne gives a link and tips on her own Facebook page on marketing. I really liked this Tweet because she incorporates two different social media sites to give people tips on a specific profession. I also liked Alexa SocialMedia’s Tweet,

She gives insights on how to spy on your competition on the social media sight to better understand your field and better yourself and your company.  Twitter is so important in specific fields like Journalism, Public Relations, Marketing and Advertising and it is a tool that can take a company very far. I Tweeted,

So many people have lost their careers by using social media like Facebook and Twitter inapropriately. There have been incidents on company Twitters being used by accident to post personal Tweets. Not being careful can lead to the end of a career and negative backlash to a brand or company. Mark-making Tweeted,

Twitter is being used to spread the word of what is important for what specific career and it has the power to reach millions of people all over the world. Mark-making enlights others on why to fix your LinkedIn account; to get a job and better your networking and career choices.  I then Tweeted,

The power of Twitter cannot be underestimated and it gives us the pedestal and the medium to voice ourselves and actually be heard if done in the appropriate manner.  This Twitter chat was very important because it shows how social media is now teaching people about their careers. I can go on Twitter and find information on Journalism and Public Relations or my profession. There are so many tips, secrets, and informative Tweets that teach us about specific jobs.

Dancing Through Real Life

Every person in the world has a passion, and those passions come with a price. My personal passion is dance and the dance world is very tough. From the exterior it looks beautiful, elegant, flawless, and glamorous; but in reality its hard work. Performing for six hours straight with smile and poise is the same as running for six hours and taking a cardio class meanwhile keeping the happiest face. Stumbling upon the dance blog allowed me to see the struggles others face with their passion for dance. Catherine Tully discusses her experiences in the dance world and in particular the world of auditions.


Auditions are extremely competitive where hundreds of dancers are competing for a limited number of spots, sometimes only one spot needs filling. It is not your typical nine to five job the responsibilities are auditioning (and yes it takes auditioning multiple times to maybe get chosen)and then once you make it you have to practice every day and take a crash course on the dances. Once the weeks or months of preparations are finished you perform for a time period and then what’s next? You then go for auditions again for another performance. In Catherine’s blog she enlightens others by giving five tips on auditioning, and for those who are not familiar with the dance world; it is a very competitive field:

  • Preparation is at least half the battle
  • Appearance matters
  • Do not, under any circumstances, be late
  • Keep your eyes open
  • Execute, don’t embellish

Although her advice may seem tough, critical and even shallow it is true for the field of dance. Dancers must be knowledgeable of the field and of what they are auditioning for. Catherine  discusses her personal experiences where she had not been chosen after auditioning even though her performance was perfect. “I hadn’t prepared properly–even though I thought I had. And there’s a lesson here too–sometimes you can dance perfectly–and just not be what they are looking for.” It turns out the part she worked so hard for was for dancers of a specific height requirement. Even if a dancer is perfect if they do not have the appearance or requirements needed for the spot, they will not get chosen.  Dancers must always be alert and work their hardest to get their perfect part. No excuses can be made, if you are late you will not get the job or they will immediately cut you and find another replacement. “Poor directions. It happens, and it isn’t a good thing. Leave plenty of time (and then some) to find the place. Come up with an audition checklist of items you will always need to bring to help insure you don’t forget anything. Set two alarms. Do whatever it takes.”  The dance world is so competitive that any little mistake can lead to the termination of your career.

Connecting Through Twitter

The scavenger hunt was extremely fun. Although it was time consuming, it allowed us to think creatively and work together as a team. Working together made it a lot easier because I knew things Matt did not know and Matt knew things I did not know. We were able to finish the scavenger hunt differently and more effectively than if we had to work alone.  The highlights of this challenge were going around the school campus and actually getting the hunt done. It was interesting and exciting to find random things and people and ask questions. It was also funny taking pictures of people, most people found it awkward when we had to take pictures of them and felt uncomfortable.


We found a Seton Hall Dancer from the Seton Hall Sapphires to be our symbol for school spirit because they cheer and dance for the men and women’s basketball teams. Not only do they dedicate their time to cheering at every single game, they do it because it is their passion.

SHU dancer Alyssa said, “I love being a Sapphire, we get to dance and support our teams!”#jrlweb #SHUsocialmedia

Bunny’s is a very popular place to eat pizza and have a few drinks. It has always been an affordable spot for college students and ever since Cryan’s closed down it has been student’s main bar.

#SHU students enjoying Bunnys, a S.Orange favorite.”I love the pizza,” says @RobDukes23. #shusocialmedia #JRLWeb

Professor Linda Karten believes social media is very important for communicating. Since she is a Senior Director she has a lot of experience with using social media and knows how it can benefit when used in the right manner.

Sen. Dir. Mktg, PR & Mktg Dept. @LinKar10 says, “Social media is a powerful comm. tool.” #shusocialmedia #jrlweb

Paulina is an Occupational Therapy, first year graduate student who does not have any form of social media. We had to use her because it is rare when you find a 21 year old who does not have any form of social media. She gets her news from television broadcasts and web searching. She even gets her news by word of mouth and then will search it on her own to find out if it is true.

Paulina is an OT first year graduate student at Seton Hall, “I get my news from watching tv.”#jrlweb #shusocialmedia

The Public Relations department at Seton Hall was just awarded the certificate for an outstanding program on October 13, 2012. This award took Dr. Rennie and her team months to obtain and puts Seton Hall as one of the top schools to study public relations.

#jrlweb #shusocialmedia Seton Hall’s PR department award for academic excellence. …

The beautiful view is from the fourth floor in Jubilee Hall. You walk to the balcony outside and get a perfect view of the green and most of the campus. In the Summer it is even more beautiful because all of the greenery is bright and blooming. There is life in this side of campus with many trees, flowers, plants, buildings, and students. Even though in the winter it does not have as much color and activity, it still is a great scene.

Favorite view of the #setonhall campus #jrlweb #shusocialmedia

Something people are not aware of is that the Seton Hall University cafeteria recently started making fried Oreos. After Sandy there were Oreos left over so Mike, one of the cafeteria staff, took it upon his own hands to make a sweet treat for everyone. Now it’s a big hit and they have powdered sugar to top it off.

We found two Seton Hall soccer players (one former player) walking to class and we asked them what they were hopeful for in the world of sports. They were just hopeful for a better season for the Seton Hall men’s basketball team and were “fed up” with the recent losing streak.

One soccer player is hopeful for the basketball season, “The Pirates need to step it up!”#jrlweb #SHUsocialmedia

There are many groups and organizations on campus, one of the big ones is Greek Life. Greek life is a very important part of almost every college campus around the United States. It shows leadership and team work and we were able to find the director of Greek Life, Colleen Dallavale, to take a picture with all of the Greek Life Letters.

@shugreeklife says,”Greek Life at Seton Hall is a great leadership experience.” #shusocialmedia #jrlweb

A big superstition that is also tradition at Seton Hall is to not step on the seal! The seal is located in the middle of the Seton Hall green and is made of beautiful stone. Every freshmen is taught not to step on it or they will either not graduate or not graduate on time.

The SHU seal is located on the green and custom says if you step on it, you won’t graduate. #jrlweb #SHUsocialmedia

Tweets to other students at other schools:

Lexi Elder Tweeted they have a bell that rings every hour at MSU. We found it very interesting because we have one as well at Seton Hall and wanted to make a connection.

@lexielder We have a bell at Seton Hall University that rings daily as well! #shusocialmedia #jrlweb

There was a huge pig statue on Alyssa Biere’s campus made of material that looked like steal. She said a student made it and we thought it was pretty cool that a student made one of the statues shown on their campus.

@alyssabiere Very impressive. Does the pig symbolize anything? What classes does your school offer to make these? #shusocialmedia #jrlweb

Ellie Johnson’s University is raising the reading standard. They seemed very excited about it in their Tweet holding up a book smiling, so we wanted to ask how exactly they raised their reading standards and what changed in the curriculum.

@EllieJohnson2 That is really great! How exactly are they raising the reading standards? #shusocialmedia #jrlweb

There was a Tweet of a wall on Mel Pillard’s campus full of graffiti. This is a rare thing because most schools do not have graffiti.

@MelPillard Who made this artwork and where is it located?#JRLWeb #SHUsocialmedia

Samantha Barba Tweeted at Natalie saying she had a lot of fun, so Natalie responded by asking her what was the most interesting thing she learned from the hunt to get a better understanding of the experience.

@SamanthaBarba91 I just started today! What was the most interesting thing you learned from this? #jrlweb #SHUsocialmedia

Top five Tweets from other schools:

A great piece of programming that should be highlighted.  Affordable daycare at a collegiate budget is something that a lot of parents going to school are in need of. 

Interesting to see how more schools are introducing fast food chains onto their campuses. SHU for example has introduced Dunkin Donuts and has Subway in the mix.

Engaging with followers is an essential aspect to social media success.  This tweet probes an interesting question, that has a wide range of response possibilities.  At the end they further encourage the followers to tweet back, making it a good example of engaging with followers.

 Kenni has a good point. A large impact of social media is made from a mobile perspective.  If someone does not have a cell phone let alone a smart phone, they cannot be well versed in the power of social media.

Twitter provides an immediate source for news, and following multiple sites, including sites such as PACTH websites to keep you informed locally, and a variety of national outlets are truly important in gaining a full spectrum of news media.